Dr. Jerry Glidewell

Dr. Jerry Glidewell, Science Division Chair, earned his bachelor’s degree in 1972 and a master’s in biology two years later, both from the University of Texas at Arlington. He holds a Ph.D. in biology from the University of North Texas.

Dr. Glidewell has conducted research on neo-tropical amphibians in Costa Rica. He has served as a professor at Ranger College since 1984. His academic interests include herpetology and roadside geology. A lifelong conservationist, Dr. Glidewell also spearheads the Ranger College recycling program. In 2016, the Ranger College science building was officially renamed the Dr. Jerry Glidewell Science Building.

Gretchin Geye

Ms. Gretchin Geye, biology professor, concentrates on the nursing pre-requisite courses. Ms. Geye earned her bachelor’s degree in 1987 and master’s in biology (with a research area in microbiology) in 1991, both from Tarleton State University. She also holds a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction in physics from Texas A&M.

Ms. Geye lives with her husband outside of Rising Star, where they raise cattle, cotton, hay, and peanuts. They have three grown children. Their youngest daughter attends Texas A&M University.

Gordon Woolam

Gordon Woolam, biology professor, earned his bachelor’s degree in biology in 1977 and a master’s degree in plant pathology in 1980. Mr. Woolam teaches General Biology I & II and Microbiology.

Mr. Woolam has had a life-long interest in natural sciences, particularly biology and geology. He specializes in entomology and mycology.